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The Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

The Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Modern life, modern technology to suit our needs. Come the mobile phone, but does it really have all the benefits in its package? Find out its disadvantages in this article.

One might say that there are many advantages of mobile phones nowadays and there is no doubt about that. The main advantages is the mobility factor, you can bring your phone everywhere without missing a call, especially the important ones. With advantages there are disadvantages as well, some greater outweighs the obvious. If you are skeptical to latest technology, you can weigh your options and you may need to know these disadvantages of mobile phones yourself. So the question remains, whether a mobile phone is essential for everyday living or it has more disadvantages for you not to own it.

Cell phones have turn out to be an integral part of contemporary life. Some individuals find it to become a great item, while other people (such as me) possess a much more neutral get on the problem. You will find surely a good deal of good reasons to possess a cellular telephone. Many elements of existence in the modern world are made simpler with cellular phones. But you will find downsides too. You will find many disadvantages to owning a cell phone and there are a lot

The Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

One of the main disadvantages to buying a cellular telephone is the price. Cellular phone contracts could be quite costly. An ATT iPhone contract can cost upwards of $1,000 per year, depending on how much you use the telephone. Even "less expensive" contracts can price around $50 per month or more. That is no small cost for many people. And if you have much more than one cellular phone within the family, these costs can rise instead rapidly.

Even though cellular phones allow it to be easier to obtain a hold of individuals, they also allow it to be simpler for people to obtain a hold of you. Before cellular telephones, if somebody wanted to call you, they had to call your house. If you were not in your house, they could leave a message. This helped you a particular level of privacy. This kind of privacy was ruined with cellular telephones. Now, with the ubiquity of cellular telephone, individuals anticipate you to become available all the time. They know that you have your telephone with you all the time, and expect you to definitely response, no matter how inconvenient it may be for you at the time. I have several friends who have become quite upset when I did not response from their phone call (for very great reasons). But I do not see my telephone as a tool for THEIR comfort; I see it as something to create MY existence easier. This idea is highly debatable - numerous think that you simply should always answer your cellular telephone, and to not do so is rude.

Cellular telephones present a variety of ethical and social problems. Even if you wish to respond to the call, there are many occasions when it is inappropriate to do so. The debate much more than cell telephone use in restaurants rages on - with some people finding it completely okay to ramble on, and others experiencing that talking about what you were doing last night on your cell telephone is incredibly rude. Conflicts more than this kind of conduct is a source of numerous arguments and missing opportunities for the second date. Mobile phones are effortlessly lost or broken which can be very expensive. That is one of the greatest drawbacks of owning a mobile telephone. You have to be careful with it. Should you lost it somewhere, you cannot find it easily. If you place it about the roof of the car, do not overlook to take it off. If you forget, you will have a pancake instead than a telephone. It is not a pretty scene.

The ones mentioned are the biggest disadvantages of owning your personal mobile phone. Not all the time it is advantageous, sometimes you are more capable without mobile phones. But if you look at it, mobile phones really did make life more easier and more convenient. Sometimes this convenience may become a disadvantage. Mobile phones make you a target for people who are in need and will probably rob you. Most of the marketed mobile phones are quiet expensive and this makes them very desirable for people with bad intentions and to steal them. Many said that these comes with other technology nowadays as well, like laptops and notebooks, but mobile phones are the easiest to snatch and trust me, thieves would love to get them off your hands. If you ask me, mobile phones are a great invention and almost a perfect technological breakthrough. Nevertheless, do not be fooled by these small and beautiful inventions because they carry danger within them. Now that you know most of the disadvantages of mobile phones. The big bulky price tag and losing your privacy are just two of the many disadvantages it carries. But still, mobile phones are something we cannot live without, and we bet you do too.

The Disadvantages of Mobile Phones


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