Friday, April 18, 2008

Disadvantages of cell phones? maybe.... lol

Disadvantages of cell phones? maybe.... lol

Radiation affects your health.
Vibrations affect your ear drums.
Ringing affects your heart if you put the phone in your upper pocket.
Shows bad manners when you are talking to someone and the phone rings - you start yelling " Hello, Hello"
Modern phones with cameras etc. go beyond normal use. They have become danger to society and the privacy of your contacts.
Plus many more...
But it has host of advantages. No wonder it is becoming popular beyond anybody's guess.

correct spelling forgotten (when using text messaging or sms)
radiation (no. 1 disadvantage!)
no alibis. anyone who got your number knows you can be reached through your cellphone.
endangers your life..(hmm from holduppers and snatchers.)

Well here's some...
1.Making house/offices phones look usless.
2.Disruption of your daily life.
3.Radiation to your body in some cases.
4.Adds stress every time a ring tone alerts you out of nowhere.
5.Burden you finacially with new models and not to mention monthly bills.

But i think overall the advantages covers all the disavantages it may have.Our lifes seems more convinient and mobile with it's pressence.

The new discoveries said that you can have cancer from them, you can become deaf,but the also diminish your intimacy. If you do not want to answer a call,and let it ring every time the person calls, the next time you will meet them,they will ask you why you did not answer,because they know you could have(your cell was open). Cell phones tend to be disturbing during a movie in the cinema, or a play, in a library,etc.

you dont pay attention to the lesson. and people cheat like that and its distracting, etc.

Now we go to great Cell Phone Models

HTC's Re-Touching Experience
HTC's major handset announcement at CTIA was the HTC Touch Dual, basically an HTC Touch enhanced by addition of a slide-out 20-key keypad. The Touch Dual uses predictive text entry similar to the scheme that powers text entry on RIM's BlackBerry Pearl. Due to appear by summer, the Touch Dual is a quad-band HSDPA phone; it will likely be one of the first to support Windows Mobile 6.1, the point update to Microsoft's mobile operating system that was announced at CTIA.

HTC, by the way, also announced a Verizon Wireless counterpart to the original HTC Touch (an EVDO handset with HTC's proprietary TouchFlo technology), which up to now has been only available on Sprint. On Verizon Wireless, it will be called the Verizon XV6900.

Motorola Moto Q Goes Colorful
It's nice to see that even business phones are becoming more colorful. Here's a lime green version of Motorola's Q9c -- to arrive on Alltel and U.S. Cellular this summer. Alltel says it will charge $200 (with the possibility of $100 off via mail-in rebate) for this Windows Mobile 6 smart phone with a nice QWERTY keyboard and EVDO broadband support. Speaking of Qs, Verizon Wireless also announced that it's adding the Q 9c to its lineup -- but only in basic black.

Colorful and Shiny, Too: Sony Ericsson's Z750a
Announced last year, Sony Ericsson's Z750a is finally coming to AT&T Wireless with a splash: Models of this mirrored-surface HSDPA clamshell will be available within the next week or two in Rose Pink and Mysterious Purple (Sony Ericsson's words, not mine). Oh yeah, a boring Phantom Grey one will be available too. All three feature subsurface OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays that will show time of day, caller ID and music track information (as appropriate) in glow-through type. They won't break the bank, either: Sony Ericsson says AT&T will charge $150, with a $100 mail-in rebate available (with the usual two-year contract).

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