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Disadvantages of Mobile Phones to your Business

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones to your Business

In this segment of Mobile Phone Disadvantages lets tackle the issue on why Mobile Phones are disadvantageous in your business!

1. More Calls

A disadvantage of being accessible from anywhere in the country is that people who try to sell you things and waste your time are also able to access you more easily.

You could also find that people try to contact you outside of business hours, leaving you with too many unwanted calls.

This can be countered by using some of the re-direction and answering services available to business mobile phone users, as well as by only giving the number out to important customers or key employees.

2. Potential Cost

The biggest fear many employers have over using a mobile phone for business is that the costs will be so high as to damage their business. This is a potential danger, particularly when employees are using business mobiles, as there is a risk that some employees could misuse the phone raising bills massively.

However, very few employees deliberately misuse their phones, and a few personal phone calls are as much as most people will make.

The costs of running business mobiles can be very high, but there are also several ways to significantly lower the bills:

If employees are informed that the mobile should only be used when a landline phone is not available, then call numbers and costs should remain relatively low.

Use of a dual line package, or charging employees for non-business calls, can make sure bill charges are kept as low as possible.

Most importantly, choosing the right package, with the right prices and features can make a massive difference to the cost of your businesses’ mobile phone calls.

3. Mobiles on their Own

Mobile phones have large advantages for businesses. However, they are much less effective without a landline number to back them up.

If a customer sees a mobile phone number as the only source of contact, then most will automatically assume that the business is small and has no office or resources. The traditional impression of a business user with only a mobile number is the local plumber or electrician.

If a customer speaks to employees that have a landline number and a mobile number, it gives the impression that the business is large and established.


A mobile phone allows you to be accessible at all times, wherever you are. It can help improve communication between staff and customers, particularly business to business customers that may involve travelling.

A good business phone package will allow you to receive emails, and be notified of important calls and faxes, meaning that being away from the office will not separate you completely from essential communications.

Re-direction services can take people straight to your mobile number from an existing landline, and you can even set up a personal answering service for when you are too busy to receive calls.

Mobile phones for employees can work out as expensive, but they allow for better communication; and if properly managed and set-up, the benefits will far outweigh the costs.

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